Saturday, May 5, 2012

Where'd it come from?

In honor of finals week, I decided to finally clear off my desk. I'm ashamed to say it, but my desk is the junk pile--the place where things are dumped when we get home. It would make a pretty sick game of I-Spy, but that's about it. And since I haven't posted anything new due to my student skill, I thought I should show you guys a little clean up action.

I've been pretty frustrated with my desk. Unfortunately, it's in the bedroom, where working spaces should never be placed. But hey--at least it's pretty and it fits perfectly in its little corner. I haven't finished fixing it up yet, but here is the work in progress!

A lot of it was just garbage, old paper work, receipts.

Here are some tips, from yours truly, for making your desk functional.

1. Make it personal. Add a personal touch by placing pictures of loved ones, inspirational quotes, and things that just make you happy! Even though you're at your desk to work, work, work, you should have something to keep you motivated.

2. Keep a trash can/recycling bin near by. Throw things away right after you're done using them so they don't pile up. This can just be a plastic bag for when your working, or a little office-sized trash can. It can be simple, or colorful. Whatever works for you.

3. Match it up. Have matching office supplies. I don't mean everything should be black and white, unless you like that. Use similar colors so that your desk is uniform. This way, you won't get distracted while you work.

4. Have a place for everything, and have everything ready. There should be a compartment, container or drawer for everything. I mean everything. Paper clips, binder clips, note cards, cards, paper, magazines, staplers, etc. And if these are all things that you need, you should have them available, and with extra. The worst thing about working and getting into a groove is not having something when you need it! I even keep a drink coaster in the right hand drawer.

5. Clear it off. It's natural to think you should keep everything on top of your desk to have it available when you need it. But if you have everything on your desk, where are you going to work? Make use of filing cabinets, drawers, and even wall space. The less you have on the surface of your desk, the less distracted you'll be.


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