Monday, April 30, 2012

DIY Fabric Mail Holder

Hey stranger, It's been a while. While many of you may be enjoying the cold summer air, I've been wrapped up in my finals, writing endless papers, harassing artists, and taking many a stress nap! BUT because I love you so much, I wanted to put together this post that fixes my mail situation.

As you recall in my Entryway Plans post, I was still searching for a new mail solution. In my previous entryway, I used a magazine holder for our mail. It's still a great idea and works splendidly, depending on your space. Because a magazine holder did not fit in my plan, I needed to find a different solution.

So behold! The DIY Fabric Mail Holder!

 I figured I should just make something with what I had. I also figured that I should have the mail somewhere on the wall. This location is not final, and it's cryptically cropped so that you can't see the rest of the entryway nook yet. But there she is--beautiful and colorful! It's hanging by just a couple of thumb tacks. You can also use nails or velcro stickies, I'm sure. I originally sewed two loops on the back for the mail holder to hang off of, but the weight of the mail and the fabric made it droop downwards.

What you will need: 
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Three pieces of fabric (I used three different patterns. They are cut to fit a manila envelope.)
    • 18"X13" piece
    • 14"X13" piece
    • 11"x13" piece
  • Ruler
  • Scissors

Step 1 (Directions below)

  1. Cut fabrics. Iron each fabric so that there are no wrinkles or creases. 
  2. Sew the two short ends of the largest fabric so that the edges are not showing. I sewed them 1/2" in.
  3. Sew the longer ends of the second 1/2" each, just like the larger fabric. 
  4. Sew the 11" ends of the smaller, third fabric 1/2", as the other two. 
  5. Pin the fabrics so that the 13" sides match up, and stagger them to create pockets. You can see this above. 
  6. Lay the fabric out flat and sew the back side of your mail holder so that the fabrics do not create pockets. 
  7. Fold so that the tops match up, and pin along the sides.
  8. Now that the fabrics are pinned along the sides, turn the largest fabric inside-out, fold so that the tops match up, and pin the sides. 
  9. Use your sewing machine to sew along the edges. Make sure the sewing machine catches all of the fabrics so that there are no holes. 
  10. Trim any excess fabric, and turn inside-out again, so that the correct side faces outward.
The sewed edges of my fabrics. I used colored thread.

All of my fabrics folded and ready to be turned inside-out.
Finished product

And there you have it! Simple, three pieces of fabric=DIY fabric mail holder!

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