Thursday, July 19, 2012

Master Closet Makeover

Ta-da! Master closet in progress! This baby has taken about a month so far, with about 6-8 hours put into it every week. We began by decluttering, and then proceeded to finding a home for everything in the closet. As you can see in the image above, there is natural light coming in from the left! That would be the exposed window. The first thing I did when we walked in there was tear down the shelving that covered it up. The bedsheets are placed at the back, above the dresses, just like the closet plan. We did have some holdups, due to California Closet specifics. The handles, for example, were going to be brass/gold handles with a really pretty design on it from Home Depot, but when I unscrewed the white handles on the drawers, they did not fit. The handle holes were too far apart, and I'm guessing specific for California Closets. I am also still searching for bars that fit the closet so we can hang more clothing. The handbags and pocketbooks are standing up with the help of shelf dividers. 

We placed the jeans in their own little cubbies. They were in the bedroom before in one of the dressers. I want to say we got rid of about 15 pairs of older jeans? It looks like a department store!! And the purses are right to the right and above the shoes. The shoe storage is my favorite, considering that the shelving was already in place and it was just a matter of repositioning the size of each cubby.  

And the sweetest deal of all--the painted and stenciled wall. That sucker took a lot of sweat and paint fights to get done. Melissa was a huge help since she loves doing really tedious tasks. I thought the stencil would be bigger, but it was only about two of the damask designs. So there was a lot of repositioning and taping the stencil until it was finished.

Our future plans are to add chandeliers to replace the two lighting fixtures, and to go through the drawer space. We're also going to hang a mirror, since the mirror we bought from Home Depot did not come with all the parts. The last thing to install will be scarf storage on the wall. We will be using the FINTORP 31" rail from IKEA. 

Some of the things that we changed from the plan are, maybe the handles on the drawers,  and the hanging space.

Here is a list of everything that we completed in the space:

  1. Decluttered: removed all of the unnecessary items and older "donatable" clothing.
  2. Removed shelving by window.
  3. Hung Cindy's blouses.
  4. Assigned a home for items such as blouses, sweaters, dresses, photography supplies, shoes, belts, and ties. 
  5. Painted and stenciled the wall.
  6. Changed the lightbulbs. 
  7. Vacuumed and cleaned off shelving.

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