Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Master Closet Make Over Plans

Closet Plan for main wall
I have been excited to organize the master closet from Day 1. And again, I don't have a before picture, but maybe I can describe it for you. Before we worked on decluttering and organizing this gorgeous closet space, it was basically a storage room, and a dreaded space in the bedroom. Most clothing that they wore was in the dressers in the bedroom. There was a window covered up by shelving, and some drawers that were left off of their tracks. So it was really dark, without the natural lighting and with one of the light bulbs burnt out. We joke about it now, but the dogs didn't even know about the closet until we decluttered it.

But the interesting part of the closet is that it was potentially gorgeous, like a super model in her awkward puberty years? The actual bones of the closet were installed by California Closets, with whom I have a very strong love/hate relationship with at the moment. There was a lot of storage space, but it wasn't really fit for either Cindy or Greg.

It pained me to hear Cindy talk about how unhappy she was with the space, when all I saw was how amazing the space was. But then, she was the one who had to live with the closet, when I just saw it when I visited. So after warming up with the bedroom and the linen closet, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work! I started by sending her my vision for the space. She told me that she wanted funky colors, but in a Victorian style. Something feminine and neat, where things were easily found.

So I turned on my handy three-year-old Dell laptop and opened up my best and only program for interior design planning--Paint. Hey, you gotta use what you got! I emailed her the plans for the closet which included damask wall paper, wall scarf storage, exposing the window and a giant floor to ceiling mirror. And then I realized that wall paper in a closet was pretty expensive and impractical. At least for this space. 

So here are my gorgeously composed Paint interior design plans. The results will be in another post, perhaps tomorrow. ENJOY!

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