Saturday, March 23, 2013

Painting it Grey

After a few months of the Shining, I was done. My big plan was to use the left over Oops! Paint from the bathroom of my previous apartment. It was a cool grey that made my bathroom look like a classroom. But I didn't want to cover all the red with that grey. I chose a high gloss black for all of my doors a d chalk board paint for the kitchen. Ah, the beauty of monochrome.

I took the day off and decided to do everything myself. It was a relief to be on my own for the day, with my curtains tied back and the cold sunlight beaming in.

After a quick trip to Home Depot, I was ready to paint. I bought two pint size cans of chalk board paint and a value pack of paint supplies. Once I of home I took a dusty old ladder in the hallway and poured the grey paint. It was like the red never existed. After two coats on the red walls, my Lady in Red was gone. I used about two layers of high gloss black paint on the doors. The high gloss does a great job of reflecting light so that the grey doesn't make the room too dark. I highly suggest giving it a try. It also makes a grungy space look a little classier and mature.

Once the main room was complete, it was a drastic change from the stressful atmosphere the red paint provided. Granted, I was probably high off of the paint fumes, but it felt a little calmer.

I decided to tape off half of the main wall in the kitchen. My plan was to make the top half of the wall a chalkboard and he bottom of the wall a crisp white (which I'm still picking out from Benjamin Moore's rather large paint selection). The two would be separated by a painted molding from Home Depot that will be nailed to the wall. I used one can of the chalkboard paint; which ended up being about three layers. It was a little stubborn and the first layer looked really thin, but once you keep applying layers it looks like more of a chalkboard.

Once all of the new paint went on the walls, I realized the rest of the walls looked drabby. The white plaster walls were now yellowing and poorly painted. So I'm currently in the process of picking out a white color for accent walls. Excuse the mess, there's still a lot of organizing and cleaning up to do!

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