Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Littlest Seedlings

They're growing! They're growing!! Last time you saw these suckers, they were so little and barely real. And now they're old enough to have their own pots! I transplanted everything last weekend, and forgot to post an update...ooops! I'm so proud of them, growing fast from just the light from my window. They grow up so fast...

So here's my jungle set up. I used another egg carton to replant the babies from the last one, since it was deteriorating. I went a little crazy and only bought a few pots thinking that would be enough, so I went through my kitchen cabinets and started emptying cans and also went through our recycling. 

Everything is growing swimmingly, except the dill. They're struggling, but I hope they catch up soon. I think they got a bit too leggy before I transplanted them...To be honest, I didn't expect to have this many healthy seedlings! I'm not used to windowsill planting. It's like trying to make one baby and ending up with 5, except there's a lot more than 5. 

So then the collection started spreading from the makeshift plant holder, to the windowsill, and then to the top of the air conditioning unit. After another week, the cilantro and the parsley started sprouting their true leaves, the chili peppers are doing the best, and the basil is cuter than ever.


Here's the cilantro! I didn't look at them for a couple of days, and then I saw that they were growing true leaves, or in other words, the leaves in the middle that look more like cilantro leaves. The other leaves are just their baby leaves. And the biggest surprise of all was the dill today! I was about to give up on them because the ones in the egg carton look sickly. I thought that these were parsley, but they were really dill!!
Look at those little leaves! They actually smell like dill now too!

Below are the chili pepper plants! They're so big and strong....I wish they had peppers already. So stay tuned for more growing! I'll probably post about them again in another two weeks! 

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