Thursday, April 19, 2012

Entryway Plans

When you walk into my apartment, the first thing you see is my kitchen, and the small tunnel-like entryway leading into the living room area. It's dark and sloppy and smells like whatever we cooked for the last meal. Maybe I'm being cruel, but no, I'm pretty sure the hallway resembles a panic room or a hobbit hole. If you've come to visit my apartment and haven't mentioned the smell, or the mess--thank you. You're in my good graces. Thank you for being patient with me and with Icky's shedding season.

There are some awesome things about my entryway too, like that its rounded, sort of like....a hobbit hole OR to add a cool retro feel. It's actually the first part of the apartment I fell in love with. I wasn't sure why, but I think in a world of very blunt edges and tall skyscrapers, round things are sort of cute. And they make me happy.

So this entryway obviously needs a face lift. There are no lights, except one infamous boob light.You know which one I mean. The one that plagues all cookie cutter homes and apartments. Sorry to let you down.

There she blows!
I was pretty tempted to stick a boob comparison picture next to this, but let's be real, we're adults here. ( . )

As you can see, this light doesn't effectively light my tunnel passage. So I did some research on hot wiring track lighting. I think it's doable, but will have to hold off for future funding.

My main concern in the hallway is really a matter of storage. There is a little nook in my hallway that I had previously mentioned. Please brace yourself for the images I'm about to show you. This is the true representation of how it looks like before anything is fixed up. Ready? Take a deep breath.

Oh, God. Horrendous, I know. I bet my mom is cringing right now, saying "Anak!!" So this is my unsuccessful attempt of keeping everything together, neat and precise in the entryway. It worked for about...a week. And for the past three months, it's been in really poor condition. Visitors--you have been exposed to laundry and cleaning supplies, shoes, dog supplies, our blow dryer, and old boxes.

So moving forwards, here is my task list for this little nook. My goal is to transform it into a calming, storage-packed, minimal entryway, filled with light and a place to sit for shoe-tying.

Task List:
  1. Add some color-Painting horizontal stripes will make the hallway nook look longer and lighter.
  2. Get rid of storage cubes-I'm going to nix the college dorm cubes and stick them in the closet.
  3. Add shoe storage solution. 
  4. Get a storage ottoman for seating and storage.
  5. Add shelving for the entryway mirror and some flowers!
  6. Find a mail solution.
  7. Add track lighting.
  8. Add a personal touch. 
So, as I've said before, I'm on a student budget aka I have no extravagant budget to make this entryway look like a Color Splash renovation. BUT, I have tricks up my sleeve, and I'm really excited to get workin'! I don't want to post too much at once, so I'm leaving you all with a picture of what I hope the final product will look like, minus the "personal touches" like photos and such. I am also still brainstorming on a mail solution.

 Yay! So I know I have a horrible sense of perspective, but bear with me--you get the idea. I have a black corner shelf (which Melissa already owned) in the corner of the nook. This is where I'm going to place the mirror I repainted the other day and a glass for flowers. Underneath that, I want to put some white Skubb shoe boxes from IKEA for shoe storage. They're $9.99 for a 4-pack if you want to grab some for yourself, but we already have some.

As for the storage ottoman, I am still looking, but I think I want to get this Microfiber Storage Ottoman with a Tufted Top in Grey from Bed Bath and Beyond. It's about $20, but I want to see it in person first.

As for paint, I will be using Behr sample paint colors that I've had from a while ago, to save money and because the colors actually looked great. The green in the image looks a little greener than the actual paint color, but if you closely in the first nook image, there is a painted swatch on the wall. I'm also going to paint the inside of the arch a peach color and the dividing wall that dark grey from the bathroom. I want to use the grey to unify each room in the apartment because the apartment is broken up awkwardly.

Sadly, the entry way is too small for a rug and too cramped for a cute chandelier. I'm going to have to use some personal touches to get it just right. In the meantime, Icky and I are going jogging. She's overweight. *surprise*

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